Biking in Moab

Recently, Colleen traveled to Moab, Utah and Fruita, Colorado to camp and mountain bike for four days. She belongs to a biking group in Boulder, Colorado. David shot this photo to show the beautiful colors on the mountains. Colleen is in the lead, her good friend Janet is in blue.

Colleen sent a postcard that she began writing in Moab, then finished and mailed in Colorado. I smiled at her words written on the corner "(And use Kup Kaps!) she added on the front next to the printed text "Women's Wisdom - Real women drink coffee"!

When Colleen travels, she's my blog reporter. She took this photo riding on a Colorado highway after a Wendy's stop for a chocolate frosty. Because her Kup Kollar (cup sleeve) was too big, she used a rubber band to hold it on the paper cup so her fingers wouldn't feel frosty! She said it was a hot day so the cup wrap slowed the melting of the frosty.