Your Best Choice for a Unique Cozy, Cup Cap, or Coffee Sleeve

Keep your drinks cozy and food hotter or colder longer

3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation makes the magic; We supply the style!

Making coffee and tea drinkers happy since 1996. 

Koffee KozeeFrench press cover helps you savor the secret to hottest, richest coffee or tea. Your France press cozy will hold in heat during and after brewing--destroys a napkin or towel.

Kup Kapcup cover enables you to enjoy your “ahhh moment” indoors and outdoors. Your mug lid cover will hold in heat while keeping out dust and flying critters. Fits mugs and small bowls.

Tea Tabardtea cozy lets you sip your brew longer in your happy place. This teapot cozy insulates to keep your teapot or coffee carafe piping hot and cosy up to 60 minutes.

Kream Kollarice cream cozy keeps your hands comfy and slows melting in ice cream pints. Jazz up your next “pint party” with a colorful ice cream pint cozy.

Kup Kollarcoffee cup cozy gives your drinks the hottest (or coolest) look in town. This hot cup sleeve fits your 12- to 24-ounce hot and cold take-out cups, pint glasses, and 24-ounce bottles. Perfect for on-the-go!

Large Kup Kollardrink sleeve cozy solves too fast ice-cube melting and condensation drips on your shirt. Get one now for your 33-ounce take-out cups, tapered glasses, and some 33-ounce water bottles.

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Everyone enjoys tasty drinks—hot or cold!