Designer cup covers for cups, mugs, and small bowls

What's kool about a Kup Kap?

* It's made with heavyweight Thinsulate™ insulation by 3M, used in Arctic clothing

* Our cup cover's vinyl underside helps seal in heat, keeps out dust and flying critters  

* Our cap's top side has a hand-painted button designed to match the fabric print

It's easy to care for: rinse at the sink or wash on delicate cycle and line dry


Your cozy-time story

It's another manic Monday--a day of meeting everyone's demands. If it can happen, it does happen. The clock face is leering at you as minutes sprint toward the next deadline. Thank goodness for that hot brew under the best insulated cup lid around--your trusty Kup Kap. You pick it up, lift the Kap, enjoy the robust aroma, and drift away to your happy place. That's your cozy time!