Your Best Choice for Unique Cozies, Caps, and Cup wraps

Keep your drinks and food hotter or colder longer. 

3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation makes the magic; We supply the style!

Making beverage drinkers happy since 1996. 

Koffee Kozee™ French press cover helps you savor the secret to hottest, richest coffee or tea. Holds in heat during and after brewing--destroys a napkin or towel.

Kup Kap™ cup cover enables you to enjoy your “ahhh moment” indoors and outdoors. Holds in heat while keeping out dust and flying critters. Fits mugs and small bowls.

Tea Tabard™ tea cozy lets you sip your brew longer in your happy place. Keeps your teapot or coffee carafe hot up to 60 minutes.

Kream Kollar™ ice cream sleeve keeps your hands comfy and slows melting in ice cream pints. Jazz up your next “pint party” with these colorful ice cream cozies.

Kup Kollar™ coffee cozy gives your drinks the hottest (or coolest) look in town. Fits 12- to 24-ounce hot and cold take-out cups, pint glasses, and 24-ounce bottles. Perfect when you’re on-the-go!

Large Kup Kollar™ drink sleeves solve too fast ice-cube melting and condensation drips on your shirt. Fits 33-ounce take-out cups, tapered glasses, and some 33-ounce water bottles.

Summer fun day and night!