“Top o’ the morning’ to ya! I’m Kolleen Kollar – a bonnie cup sleeve for hot and cold cups and bottles!”
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Kup Kollar – a cup sleeve for
12- to 24-ounce hot and cold take-out cups
and tapered glasses. Also fits
some 24-ounce water bottles
and beer bottles.

Kup Kollar Grande

– a cup sleeve for
32-ounce cold-drink cups,
tapered glasses,
beer bottles, and some water

    Why do I need Kup Kollars™ to enjoy my favorite beverages?
  • They protect your hands from steamy hot or icy cold beverage containers.

  • They’re insulated with heavyweight Thinsulate™ Insulation by 3M, used in arctic clothing and ice coolers.

  • They keep hot beverages pleasantly drinkable for at least 45 minutes.

  • They absorb moisture on the outside of beverage containers while keeping beverages cold 1-2 hours and partly frozen water bottles cold at least 3-4 hours.

  • They’re seamed to form a continuous wrap, so you can slip them over the bottom of your beverage containers. There’s no need to assemble or attach anything.

  • They’re truly recyclable because nothing gets thrown away.

  • They add style to your beverage containers. Each Kup Kollar™ is designed with a colorful print and has custom-made, contrasting bias tape on the top and bottom edges.

  • They’re easy to care for in the washer and dryer.

Kup Kollars
make a creative gift – add candy or a coupon for a favorite beverage!