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Hi!  My name is Meg and I bought a Koffee Kozee at the Sr. Life Festival in Colorado Springs for the  purpose of insulating a frozen turkey that I took to my daughter in Europe and you asked me to let you know how it went.

It worked WONDERFULLY and the turkey (one of the small 8# rolled ones) was still frozen solid after 14 hrs of transporting. The Kozee worked so well to insulate it. I was very impressed, and the good news is I now have a beautiful Kozee for my French Press.

It was my daughter's first Thanksgiving dinner (turkeys are very scarce and very expensive in        Switzerland) in several years. It meant a lot to both of us. Thank you so much for your great product!

Meg, CO



I LOVE THESE KUP KOLLARS! I have a whole drawer especially for these coffee sleeves and use them every day. The wraps keep my beverage colder and/or warmer for a much longer time than without the Kollar. I have them in almost every pattern they make and in different sizes.

Definitely 5 STARS *****

Diane, VA

"Your Koffee Kompanions are truly great and I take it from the newsletter they’re MADE IN THE USA. I bought my first Tea Tabard four years ago when I was visiting my daughter who had just had a baby. It was for a friend who had spent four years in Scotland and loved her tea but sometimes had to warm it up before she was able to drink it. She still has it and loves it dearly! Also, my British daughter-in-law loved the one I got for her Fergie tea pot with matching tea cozy.

So now for a question: I use Kup Kollars (cup sleeves) and Kup Kaps (cup lids) in the red hat fabric print for door prizes at my Red Hat Society luncheon. So I'm wondering, do you ever make your Tea Tabard in a Red Hat print? I am the youngest member of my Red Hat Society group and I’m always looking for ways to give my ladies a chuckle. I thought because we’re having a Tea Party that I would definitely give them a hoot with a Tea Tabard for a hat. I have a kid size head so I think a small Tea Tabard would work.” 

[Note: We made Betty a special-order Red Hat Tea Tabard. It was a big hit at the party.]

Betty, MA

"Well, I had purchased two of the coffee sleeves at a coffee stand outside of Safeway in downtown Bellevue, Washington, about 3 years or so ago. I still have one (it has bagels on it) but lost the other! I loved having two because every weekday morning I had my niece (10) and my son (3) to drop off at school/daycare on my way to work, and we would often stop at Starbucks for my coffee fix. I would usually end up getting each of them a drink, and those sleeves were great for the kids! Especially when they got the cold frappuccino drinks, the sleeves kept their hands from getting cold! (Spoiled children). So anyway, when we lost one of them, they argued over the other.

My son is now 6 and gets to use the bagel sleeve alone. On hot days sometimes I get a cold drink at Starbucks too, and I started thinking, gee I sure would like to have my OWN coffee sleeve! So I had the bagel sleeve in the house to wash and it occurred to me (finally, the light bulb went off!!) hey, maybe I should look on the tag, and there was your web page address!! I was so excited and went online to order myself a sleeve, then bought four!

I look forward to getting my very own (which is the coffee print) and also for presenting the dog fabric one to my niece, and the black with silver pattern to my sister, plus I got Ryan, my son, another--the tool print fabric--which he will love. So! There ya have it, way more than you probably wanted to know!! Thanks for asking! ha-ha"

Tammy, WA

"I found out about your product from a fellow bus rider. I am not always willing (or coordinated enough) to bring an insulated mug so the Kup Kollar is a great alternative."

Paul, OR

“So, ok, I have to tell you my latest Kup Kollar story.  I bought some cute plastic glasses with fish on them, mainly to use outside.  Turns out they really sweat and even outside, I did not like that!  So I pulled out some Kup Kollars and as you know, no more sweating! Of course, you can no longer see the fishies but I'd rather cover up the fish than have a sweaty glass!”

Diane, TX

"I couldn't be happier! I have been looking for a coffee cozy for my French press since our visit to Ireland, two years ago. Imagine my delight in finding you right here in Colorado Springs! Your response to my request was immediate and your friendliness and warmth were so welcome. I use my Kup Kollar and Koffee Kozee almost every day and, as good as your word, they're perfect in keeping my coffee hot! I'm thinking of putting the Kup Kollar in my golf bag this summer to keep my water cold too!"

Mary, CO

After one of the worst ice storms we've had in North Carolina in a long time, we were without power for 24 hours. The power came on about 4:30, and the first thing I thought of was to make hot tea. Thanks to your Tea Tabard, it was still hot two hours later! Good thing because the power went off again at 5:45 that evening. We drink a lot of hot tea and it's wonderful to be able to enjoy it for several hours without having to reheat it! And the Tea Tabards are so attractive and easy to wash! I just bought one for my mother-in-law for Christmas. She was quite impressed with mine when they visited. Thanks for creating such an attractive and practical product!

Lisa, NC

We saw you at the holiday show here in Denver some time ago. We bought a few Kup Kaps from you that day. I like mine so much I decided my tea drinking friend and her British mom need one also.

Lynn, CO