Broadmoor Hotel 2016 in Colorado Springs – Gingerbread House?

We were in for a surprise this year at the Broadmoor Hotel because we didn’t find a gingerbread house. We found a gingerbread train engine modeled after the Manitou & Pikes Peak Railway (Cog) built in 1889!

On 8.9 miles of track, the real train carries passengers from the Manitou Station up to the top of Pikes Peak Mountain and back down.


In the back of the gingerbread train engine there is a decorated Christmas tree, presents, and toys for Santa Claus to deliver.


We found this cuddly cute Moose peeking out the back of the train!


There is a display in a glass door curio cabinet nearby that shows a vintage photo of the original train engine. 


The display also has a write-up of the Manitou & Pikes Peak Railway (Cog) for visitors to learn more details about its history.

Thank you, Broadmoor Hotel staff for building this magical gingerbread train engine! 

Irene LuckettComment