Broadmoor Hotel 2016 in Colorado Springs “Baby, it’s cold outside”

We’re back at the Broadmoor Hotel for the third year with our longtime friends, Hugh and Mary. We decided we’ll now call our visit a Friendship Tradition here in Colorado.


Arriving at the Broadmoor Hotel, we stayed bundled up in coats, scarves, and gloves to walk around outside to see the many lighted trees. The nippy temperature was in the teens.

Hugh was “stunned and mesmerized” by the large decorative ornaments hanging on his favorite tree just outside the doors of the hotel. I knitted the scarf that's keeping his neck very warm. Mary told me that he chose his sweater to match the scarf!


We walked towards the bridge over the small lake bathed in moonlight. It looks like I used the black and white setting on my camera but I didn’t!


The lake was frozen more this year than last year. Those dark shadows in the middle of the lake are sleeping geese who aren’t affected by the cold!


When we came inside, we looked for the Gingerbread house built by the Broadmoor staff with a lot of cookies, candies, and pastries. What did they create for 2016?

Irene LuckettComment