Large Kup Kollar drink sleeves keep big drinks colder

What's kool about a Large Kup Kollar

Our drink sleeve keeps big drinks colder, longer while protecting your hands

Prevents drips on your clothes and reduces surface puddles

Is insulated with heavyweight Thinsulate™ Insulation by 3M, used in ice coolers

* Slips onto 33-ounce cold-drink cups, beer bottles, some water bottles, and tapered glasses

Folds flat and is easy to care for in your washer and dryer 


Your cozy-time story

You're at a family picnic in July and smiling at some of your cousins, who have soggy napkins wrapped around their 32-ounce paper cups. As the ice rapidly melts, sweat from the cup is dripping on their hands and slacks. But your hands are dry and the ice is lasting longer because you have a large Kup Kollar insulated drink sleeve. You ARE the sharpest tool in the shed--and that's your cozy time!