Ice cream pint sleeves keep pints cold, hands comfy

What's kool about a Kream Kollar

* Our ice cream sleeve keeps your hands comfy and dry

Uses Thinsulate insulation by 3M to slow ice-cream melting, so it lasts longer

Is a stylish seamed cosy wrap that slips on ice-cream pints

Also fits low-ball drink glasses and Mason Ball jars to keep ice from melting and diluting your drink

Folds flat and is easy to care for in your washer and dryer


Your cozy-time story

You're 30 minutes from home and your weekly movie night with Depp or DiCaprio. But no Ben and Jerry's in the freezer! Good thing you keep a Kream Kollar ice cream sleeve in the glove compartment. It’s an ice cream pint holder that will truly keep your Ben and Jerry’s cold until it reaches your freezer and make it last through your movie. That's your cozy time!