Edinburg, VA restaurant - Edinburg Antiques and Tea Rooms for a great experience!

Yawn07 Dec_3548 Irene's food tea

I love to travel to Virginia. On our last visit in December 2007, I added another reason for visiting this beautiful state. Diane and Wayne, friends for many years, drove us to Edinburg in the Shenandoah Valley. This small village is between the Blue Ridge and Alleghany mountains.

Yawn07 Dec_3543 Perry Diane Wayne tea house

We ate lunch at the Edinburg Antiques and Tea Rooms. Because it was near the holidays, Perry and I used our holiday Kup Kaps (cup lid) on our delicate cups and saucers to keep the flavorful tea hot.                                                                                                                Each of us picked one of 25 loose teas for our individual teapots. The waitperson was very knowledgeable about the teas as well as the food and its preparation. Everything tasted fresh and delicious!

Yawn07 Dec_3536 tea shop front entrance

                                                                                                               The entry way where you can buy antiques was decorated for the holidays. We hope to visit this lovely tea shop again on another visit to Virginia!