Prepare salad for a week with Door to Door Organics in Colorado Springs

Every two weeks we have a bitty box of organic vegetables and fruits delivered to our home by Door to Door Organics. I stopped the service during the kitchen remodel. When the sink was installed, I removed the hold notice.

When the box arrived last week, we washed the fruit, put some in the refrigerator, and stored some in the ceramic bowl on the counter. Perry washed the red leaf lettuce and spinach, drained the leaves, and tore them into salad size pieces. We store the greens in a large Tupperware cake taker turned upside down. We put the cake taker bottom on to keep greens fresh in the refrigerator.

I grated the carrots, chopped the zucchini, and sliced celery to add to the leaves mixture. Sometimes we add yellow squash, green or red peppers, and green onions or whatever our bitty box contains. I sipped a glass of fruity tisane while I diced and sliced. I enjoyed a glass full of flavor with no calories!

Thinsulate insulated Hawaiian Teal Kup Kollar to keep hands comfy.

Thinsulate insulated Hawaiian Teal Kup Kollar to keep hands comfy.

When we're ready to enjoy a delicious salad, we put some of the mixture into bowls. Then we add tomatoes, pickled beets, sunflower seeds, and a salad dressing. Or we add fruits such as apples, grapes, and oranges. If we want a dinner salad, we add sliced baked chicken. Because the fruits and vegetables are so fresh, we enjoy salads for at least a week. We also save time by not having to make a salad from scratch each time. Most of the preparation is done!