Cup sleeve customer quotes

Thinsulate insulated Large and Small Kup Kollars to hold in heat or cold, longer.

Thinsulate insulated Large and Small Kup Kollars to hold in heat or cold, longer.

When we email customers the shipping date of their order, we ask how they found our products online. Sometimes we receive a detailed response:

"Well, I had purchased 2 of the coffee sleeves at a coffee stand outside of Safeway in downtown Bellevue, Washington, about 3 years or so ago. I still have one (it has bagels on it) but lost the other! (Which was the tan with green elk print). I loved having two because every weekday morning I had my niece (10) and my son (3) to drop off at school/daycare on my way to work, and we would often stop at Starbucks for my coffee fix - I would usually end up getting each of them a drink, and those sleeves were great for the kids! Especially when they got the cold frappacino drinks, the sleeves kept their hands from getting cold! (Spoiled children) anyway, when we lost one of them, they argued over the other.

These days I no longer take my niece to school in the mornings, and so my son who is now 6 gets to use the bagel sleeve. On hot days sometimes I get a cold drink at Starbucks too, and I started thinking, gee I sure would like to have my OWN coffee sleeve! So I had the bagel sleeve in the house to wash and it occurred to me (FINALLY!!! the light bulb went off!) hey, maybe I should look on the tag, and there was your web page address!! I was so excited and went online to order myself a sleeve...I look forward to getting my very own (which is the coffee print) and also for presenting the dog fabric one to my niece, and the black with silver pattern to my sister, plus I got Ryan, my son, another which is the tool print fabric which he will love. So! There ya have it, way more than you probably wanted to know!! Thanks for asking! ha-ha"

And sometimes we receive a short funny answer:

"I found out about your product from a fellow bus rider. I am not always willing (or coordinated enough) to bring an insulated mug so the Kup Kollar is a great alternative."