Cup cozy in Hawaii

HI newls Kollar 3

This is a photo I used in a Koffee Kompanions online newsletter about our trip to Hawaii. The cup cozy and tropical fruit punch look so delicious sitting on the beautiful beach under a full moon!

The fabric for the Kup Kollar is from my favorite fabric store H. Kimura, INC in Kealakekua, Hawaii. While looking at the bolts of fabrics, I discovered knitting patterns published in the 70's!

HI newls Kollar

This is the original photo of the cup cozy and drink before I cropped it. I put a beach photo I had taken in Hawaii at full screen on my computer in Adobe Photoshop. I placed a shelf at a proper height on two Tupperware canisters in front of the computer screen then added shells I've collected around the glass.

Next I took my bamboo plant and put it behind the shelf so the vase was hidden. The moon is the reflection of the camera flash. The brightness of the flash darkened the computer screen making it look like night time. The moon and the night look was an accident!

HI newls Kollar 2

This is the same setting without the flash. Here, the cup cozy and tropical fruit punch look refreshingly cool on a sunny beach!