Contigo Autoseal Hydration Bottles for bikes

I put two cup wraps on my new Contigo Autoseal Hydration Bottle, filled it with iced water, and slipped it into my bicycle bottle holder. Meanwhile, Perry found his bike tire low with a cracked air valve. He pumped up the tire and wrapped black electrical tape around the valve. The fix lasted the entire ride!

When he was growing up in Wisconsin, Perry and his brother rode many miles on country roads and small town streets. In high school, they biked on city streets to deliver newspapers to 800 customers and then peddled to school!

Perry still mounts his bicycle the same way. He puts his left foot on the left pedal, places his hands on the handle bar, pushes the ground twice with his right foot, slings his right leg over the seat, and then pedals like Alberto Contador!

We rode on a city bike trail that follows the historical Trappers’ Trail, a 425-mile trail running north and south along the eastern base of the Rocky Mountains. It linked Fort Laramie (1834) in Wyoming and Bent’s Old Fort (1833) in Colorado. By the late 1850s, people traveling from the gold fields in the Rocky Mountains used the trail along with the trappers. They set up a wintering and supply station at the trail’s junction of Cherry Creek and South Platte River. This station grew to become the city of Denver!

We stopped biking a few minutes to watch a children’s baseball game. The Rocky Mountains are a beautiful back drop for the park on a beautiful sunny day in April!