Contigo Autoseal Hydration Bottle needs two cup wraps to keep water cold

Before filling my 24 ounce Contigo Autoseal Hydration Bottle, I slip a cup wrap onto the bottom. Next, I turn a second cup wrap upside down and slip it over the top. The bottle’s wide mouth is easy to fill with ice cubes and water. It’s dishwasher safe, made of BPA free plastic, and meets all FDA standards.

The water bottle is made of Tritan™ so it's high-impact resistant, won't stain, and doesn't retain odors. My iced water tastes great from the first drink to the last!

The unique lid on the Contigo Autoseal is 100% spill proof. With one hand, I press the button on the lid to drink. Push the carabiner open to clip the water bottle to a backpack, tote bag, or belt loop. It’s available in several colors. Mine is lime green!