Texas family uses cup wraps – Arty makes a request

Ms Ann, our favorite teacher in Texas, uses Koffee Kompanions products every day. She also gives them as gifts to her co-workers.

I wasn’t surprised to hear from her spouse requesting a Kup Kollar for himself. Arty has a broad grin and a great sense of humor.

“Howdy Irene!!  Greetings from The Lone Star state, the only state willing to secede from the Union, our beers not cold enough, teas not sweet enough, or our glass sweats too much :-)

I've been proudly using your Kup Kollar at work with my glass tumbler, it works as expected, not a drip gets on my shirt when I'm drinking.  The problem is the pattern (see attached photo).  I've been jazzed a few times about it.  So I think it's time I put in an order for a grande with a manly-ish print.”


It seems that Ms Ann’s Dressing Up Kup Kollar found its way to Arty’s desk in his office. I’m sure he has a story and is “sticking to it.”

At my request, Arty emailed various themes for fabrics that he would be interested in. He replied -- boots, cowboy hats, bull riding, mixed martial arts, camouflage, cow print, bandannas, and politico party prints.

I had just enough fabric from a left over cowboy print with boots, hats, and saddles to design this one-of-a-kind Kup Kollar Grande. After receiving it in the mail, Arty decided he also needed a blue bandana small Kup Kollar.

A week later, the Texas family drove to Colorado to meet with other family members. Perry and I were invited to join them one evening so I delivered his bandana Kup Kollar. Arty made a request that I’ve never heard before since founding Koffee Kompanions.


Arty asked me to sign his Kup Kollar!

I signed “Happy Drinking! I.L. XO”

I’m happy to know that Arty won’t be having drips of condensation from his glass tumbler falling on his shirt front!

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