Freezer Smoothies: insulated wraps for smoothies

As soon as the Tupperware glass filled with frozen smoothie comes out of the freezer, I slip on a Kup Kollar. The Thinsulate insulation keeps the smoothie cold, allowing it to melt slowly until Iā€™m ready to drink it.

When the frozen smoothie in the pint container becomes crunchy, I slip on a pint size Kream Kollar to slow the melt. I can enjoy my frozen dessert longer.

Both wraps protect my hands from the frosty cold containers!

Freezer Smoothies ā€“ Post 4 of 4

Post 1.  Kitchen Aid Blender, Tupperware glasses, and Plastic Freezer jars

Post 2.  Store in Tupperware glasses with lids

Post 3. Store in plastic freezer jars