Freezer Smoothies: Kitchen Aid Blender, Tupperware glasses, and Plastic Freezer jars

I love my Kitchen Aid Architect blender for making large batches of fruit smoothies to store in my freezer. You can find many recipes online but I keep it simple. I use non fat Greek yogurt, mix and match fresh, frozen, and canned fruits which are always in my kitchen, and add a touch of raw honey from a local bee keeper. Sometimes I add spices like fresh mint or peppermint sugar to the mix.

I put a carton of yogurt into the blender, add one fruit and a touch of honey, then blend. When it’s smooth, I fill one or two containers. I add a second fruit to the leftovers in the blender. After blending, I fill one or two more containers. I continue this process of adding a new fruit and more yogurt as needed. When my containers are filled, I put any leftover smoothie into a glass and drink it.

My variety of smoothies in the freezer are ready to grab n go when I’m in my car, need a snack, or want a healthy dessert!

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