Freezer Smoothies: store in Tupperware glasses with lids

I’ve bought Tupperware products since 1969 when I attended my first home party. I knew the value of Tupperware from my Mom who could have opened her own store. Now years later, I could do the same thing!

When I began freezing smoothies, I did a Google search to look for 16 ounce Tupperware glasses with colorful designs on them. I chose these glasses because I love the color lime green and as a Florida native enjoy all citrus fruits. The glasses looked as tasty as my smoothies.

I take these smoothies in the car because they're nutritious and taste good. I can drink this snack faster than I can chew one!

Freezer Smoothies – Post 2 of 4

Post 1.  Kitchen Aid Blender, Tupperware glasses, and Plastic Freezer jars