My pottery lessons: knitting pottery mug

Thinsulate insulated Yarn Skeins Kup Kap on ceramic mug.

Thinsulate insulated Yarn Skeins Kup Kap on ceramic mug.

My pottery mug may not have beauty but it has uniqueness and function! Filled with a delicious brewed tea, it helps keep me warm throughout the cold months.

Having worked for a potter I have a very good idea of the skill and creativity needed to build a beautiful piece. After completing my pottery class, I learned to appreciate the art even more. If you think the price tag is too high on a pottery piece, my guess is that it isn’t high enough!


My husband came with me to the last class to help pack up the pieces I had made. Perry saw this teapot in the studio’s shop. He pointed it out to me because he really liked the coloring and the bamboo handle.

While he was busy packing, I secretly bought the teapot to add to our collection. I packed it and stowed it in our car. When we returned home and unloaded, I gave it to him for an unexpected surprise!

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