Taking coffee on airplanes

cup wrap coffee tea Thinsulate insulation beer                                                                                                                           After he goes through airport security, Perry buys coffee before boarding the plane. He uses a Thinsulate insulated Kup Kollar (cup sleeve) to keep his drink hot for at least 45 minutes. He enjoys his coffee while commenting on writing samples from business people who will be attending his Just Plain Writing (TM) seminar--one of several programs he offers through his company, Executive Writing Associates. He uses colorful pens instead of red pens because previous seminar students were intimidated when they saw all the red marks on their writing samples at their individual conferences!

NYC May 2009 272 plane passengers                                                                                                                                                      

The three young men across the aisle went to sleep on take off and didn’t wake until the plane landed. I thought the red airplane blanket over the head was very creative!