Our French press cozy, tea cosy, cup sleeve, and cup lid are designed with heavyweight Thinsulate™ Insulation by 3M, used in warm arctic clothing and ice coolers. Made in USA. Our Kolorful Glass Jewelry is hand-crafted.




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The original copyrighted Koffee Kozee™ keeps your French press coffee or tea pleasantly drinkable for at least 45 minutes!

The original copyrighted Tea Tabard™ keeps your tea pleasantly drinkable in your teapot for at least 45-60 minutes!

The original copyrighted Kup Kollar™ keeps your drinks icy cold or steamy hot while your hands stay comfortable from cold wet moisture or excessive heat!

The original copyrighted Kup Kollar Grande™ keeps your drinks icy cold, longer in a 32-ounce cold cup, water bottle, or beer bottle. Your hands stay dry and comfortable!

The original copyrighted Kup Kap™ keeps your drink or food warm and delicious for at least 45 minutes and protects it from dust, flying critters, and contaminants!   

The original copyrighted Kream Kollar™ keeps your hands comfy while you enjoy your ice cream. It also slows ice cream melting!
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Accessorize with Kolorful Glass Jewelry when you visit your favorite tea house or coffee shop!