Keep your drinks and food hotter or colder longer with our wraps, caps, and cozies

3M's Thinsulate insulation makes the magic; our cozies supply the style!


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Manufactured in North and South Carolina, Nebraska, and Colorado

Use a Koffee Kozee™ during and after brewing to keep your French press coffee hot. Our French press cozy destroys a napkin or towel.

Give your drinks the hottest (or coolest) look in town with our Kup Kollars™. This cozy cup sleeve keeps heat or cold in your takeout cup or glass for at least 45 minutes.

Cover your cup or bowl with our Thinsulate-insulated Kup Kaps™ for hotter drinks and food. Lids and covers look great on your table or at restaurants! 

Stop wet hands, messy drips on your clothes, and puddles under your drinks! Large Kup Kollars™ solve fast ice-cube melting and water rings on your table. 

Keep your teapots hotter with Tea Tabards™. With our classy tea cozy you'll enjoy hot tea longer and add color to your tea party—for one person or more!

Keep the cold off your hands and delay melting in ice cream pints. Colorful, effective Kream Kollars™ are ice cream cozies that we call kool! 

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