Coffee sleeves and cup lids for Hawaiian Kona coffee from Smithfarms

I met Cea Smith, a Kona coffee farmer on Hawaii, the Big Island, several years ago through an online newsgroup called She and husband Bob, have a five acre coffee farm on the slopes of Mauna Loa Mountain.

Smithfarms 100% Kona coffee retains its delicious flavor when you use a Kup Kollar (cup sleeve) and a Kup Kap (cup lid) to keep the brew hotter or colder, longer. You’ll experience the rich flavor by brewing with a French press and a Koffee Kozee (coffee cozy) to hold in the heat. After you buy Smithfarms Kona beans, you will receive excellent customer service from two very interesting farmers! 


You won’t find coffee trees planted in straight rows on the Smiths’ farm. The trees are planted randomly so I felt like I was walking in a coffee forest! The red coffee cherries are hand picked by Bob and Cea.


The green berries become yellow, crimson, orange, and then finally deep red. Then it’s called a cherry and is ready to be picked.  Each cherry contains two seeds, which are the gourmet Hawaiian coffee beans.


This is a pruned older coffee tree. Notice the new growth sprouting out. Eventually it will be a full grown coffee tree bearing coffee cherries.


Because the coffee trees are scattered around the property instead of planted in rows, we found beautiful flowers growing next to the trees.