Morrison, CO restaurants The Grill

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After returning to the parking lot in Lair o' the Bear Park, Colleen and I drove down the mountains to Morrison for dinner. Founded in 1872, Morrison is located on 2 square miles of land with a population of 413 in 2007. The town was rebuilt after the tragic flood of 1896. Nearby is the geologically formed, open-air Red Rocks Amphitheatre where concerts have been performed since 1947. It seats 9,450 people!

Colleen recommended Red Rock Grill where she's eaten before. I ordered a Monte Cristo sandwich which was delicious! ! Before drinking my iced tea, I put my Kup Kollar (cup wrap) from my water bottle on the glass to keep my hands comfy and the table dry from condensation. I’m looking forward to another Monte Cristo sandwich after my next hike in Lair o' the Bear Park!