Colorado parks - Lair o' the Bear Park biking

Lair 'o the Bear July 08 6337 biker

Bikers in Lair o' the Bear Park passed Colleen and I hiking back to the trailhead. Because she's a biker, Colleen has a keen ear for the sound of an approaching bike. Several times she pulled me to the side of the trail so the biker wouldn’t loose speed and we were safe. I didn’t hear the bikers so it was a funny surprise to suddenly find myself being moved quickly off the trail!

Lair 'o the Bear July 08 6332 sunset

A brilliant golden sunset accompanied us back to the trailhead. Thanks to my Kup Kollar (cup sleeve) slowing the melting of the ice chunk, there was still a tiny sliver of ice left so the last few drops of water were still cool! 

Lair 'o the Bear July 08 6351 cactus flowers

This was my favorite flower on the hike. If you know what the name of it is, please post a comment!