Colorado parks - Lair o' the Bear Park biking

Lair 'o the Bear July 08 6337 biker _96.jpg

Bikers in Lair o' the Bear Park passed Colleen and I hiking back to the trailhead. Because she's a biker, Colleen has a keen ear for the sound of an approaching bike. Several times she pulled me to the side of the trail so the biker wouldn’t loose speed and we were safe. I didn’t hear the bikers so it was a funny surprise to suddenly find myself being moved quickly off the trail!

Lair 'o the Bear July 08 6332 sunset _96.jpg

A brilliant golden sunset accompanied us back to the trailhead. Thanks to my Kup Kollar (bottle wrap) slowing the melting of the ice chunk, there was still a tiny sliver of ice left so the last few drops of water were still cool! 

Lair 'o the Bear July 08 6351 cactus flowers _96.jpg

This was my favorite flower on the hike. If you know what the name of it is, please post a comment!