What’s the Buzz on Most-caffeinated Drinks?

By guest blogger, Colleen Luckett

I admit that my boyfriend really tests my resolve not to nag every time he buys a Diet Rock Star energy drink, and my patience when he--with tongue firmly planted in cheek--explains that it's diet, so it's okay. Now, I don't want to be too down on the caffeinated beverages of the world. We all have our vices. And I guess if you must be “bad,” at least go with the no-calorie version.

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On the other hand, these drinks have us firmly under their spell with their addictive qualities. So how much caffeine is in coffee, energy drinks, or other similar beverages? Let’s find out!

Top three caffeinated drinks in main categories can give you a jolt

According to Science in the Public Interest, here are the top three caffeinated drinks in three main drink categories:

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Hmmm. Starbucks. Naughty naughty. Now we know why it’s so difficult to give up our morning drive-thru habit!

The most caffeinated coffee is Death Wish Coffee, which has 200% more caffeine than other specialty roasts. Apparently, it gained traction from clever marketing . . .  with some help from good ole human nature, which tends to dictate that we do dumb things to ourselves. The good news is that it’s not a deadly amount if you limit consumption. After all, what’s a little risky drinking among friends?

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How much caffeine in energy drinks? Much more than in equal amounts of coffee

The top three sellers hold their own in caffeine content per ounce:

Caffeine in Energy Drinks_Top three table.jpg

But other energy drinks far outdistance Coke or Pepsi for the caffeine crown, and they’re growing in popularity, especially with students and young working professionals, who are putting in more hours on the job to keep up many companies’ productivity ratings. My boyfriend’s Rock Star is a contender on the caffeine hit list, with one 16-oz. drink containing the caffeine in five Cokes. But if you really want to buzz like a radioactive isotope, try a Wired 344. It’s like drinking 11 Cokes (836 mg of caffeine) at one shot!

Energy drinks_Can to can comp with Coke.jpg

To see how much caffeine is in more than 800 drinks, check out The Center for Science in the Public Interest’s caffeine chart and “pick your poison.” The Mayo Clinic and other health sources say 400 mg of caffeine daily is safe for most adults, so you might want to pace yourself with energy drinks. In moderate amounts, though, caffeine has some health benefits, so there’s no need to give it up all together.

And no matter what’s in your cup, don’t forget to keep it hotter (or colder) longer with an awesome Koffee Kompanions Thinsulate-insulated product!


OK, so here I am, writing this blog at 11:30 p.m., most likely because of that iced coffee I drank too late in the day. I guess it’s my turn to bring out the nag in my boyfriend!

How much caffeine do you down in a day? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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