Travelin’ Kup Kollar goes to Tokyo, Japan - 2016 Summer Comic Market

Colleen had a nerd fest by attending the 2016 Summer Comic Market in Tokyo with over a half million people. Some people wait 10-12 hours to get in.

It’s the world’s largest comics fair for people to buy and sell. 

Colleen had a VIP ticket because she went with her Japanese friend who writes comics for Japanese “sit-down” comedians who do a one-man storytelling show called Rakugo. Because Japan!

Colleen: “Japanese Captain (Suzuki) America. I think I could take him, though, don't you? 😉💪🏻”

Some of the costumes people wore.

Colleen: “The crowds at Summer Comic Market, Tokyo!”

Colleen: “And the lack of crowd in the women's bathroom. Wonder why. 😉”

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