Japanese fabrics make beautiful cup wraps and mug lids

Colleen mailed two small pieces of fabric from Japan. Koffee Kompanions turned the silky fabric into a beautiful Kup Kap and Kup Kollar and then mailed them back to her in a Care Package.

Colleen reporting from Japan:

“So, I order my Mary Kay make-up through my Mom, and as I was opening the package I got from stateside tonight, I started excitedly thinking that maybe-just-maybe she included my beloved crunchy peanut butter inside, too. Sure enough! Yay!”


Colleen, “I'm looking forward to celebrating with my new Kup Kap and Hillary mug! Thanks, Mama -- you always know what makes me smile! I loved my care package - always grateful for things from the homeland!” ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Colleen on the move in Japan:

“Travelin' Kup Kollar at Nana's Green Tea Cafe. That's a sweet red bean drink with rice balls. So yummy! The rice balls don’t flavor the drink. You eat them!”