Kup Kaps keep on performing: movie “Bridge of Spies”

Jane and Lily went to a coffee shop recently. Notice one of the well loved Kup Kaps is on a take-out cup. The Kap will hold in the heat much better than a plastic lid. The Kap is insulated with Thinsulate insulation by 3M used in winter clothing and footwear.

One of the things I love most about my business is meeting my customers in person, by phone, or online. I hear many fascinating stories, experiences with our products, and *blush* thank yous for selling such useful products.

Jane is the first customer I’ve met who was married to a military officer serving a spy mission during the Cold War. You know the movie out now called “Bridge of Spies” starring Tom Hanks? Jane and her husband, Charlie, who served twenty-five years in the Air Force, are very familiar with the details in this movie. Charlie is one of the “unsung heroes” in the book, “Secrets of the Cold War” by Mr. McCaslin.

Jane is an “unsung hero” also. She was an American Red Cross social worker at military hospitals when she met Charlie in Japan. As a spouse of one of our military soldiers, she created several homes for her family no matter where they lived – in East Germany behind the Berlin Wall or stationed at an Air Force base in the States.

Jane shared another fascinating story. We discovered that her brother was my husband’s supervisor when both men were Air Force officers in the English Department at the Air Force Academy. People can be connected in unusual ways!

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