Kup Kaps keep on performing: Thirteen year old Kup Kaps found

My long time friend, Lily saw a Kup Kap on a mug in her friend Jane’s home. With surprise Lily said, “I know the lady who designs those!” Jane was thrilled and explained she had received the two Kaps as gifts many years ago. Later, she told me, “It was the best Christmas gift I ever got!” Our data shows that was thirteen years ago!

Jane tried to order more Kup Kaps by calling the 800 number on the Kap label but wasn’t able to. We canceled the number several years ago. Lily showed Jane the Koffee Kompanions web site where she chose several Kaps for her family.

I asked Lily to take photos of the Kaps. She sent three. Jane said the photos make the Kaps look better than they really do.


Despite the stains from many cups of coffee, these two Kaps still function very well!

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