Coffee Tea Planters – Dorothy Biddle Service flower frog pin cups or kenzans

You can carry over a coffee or tea theme to your dining or kitchen table by using colorful ceramic mugs as vases. You'll find unusual mugs in Goodwill and other thrift shops for under a $1.00. Or recycle a mug you don’t use regularly.

Because this is a large mug, I put a flower frog pin cup (kenzan) in the bottom of the mug. I bought several of these online from Dorothy Biddle Service. The company has a variety of shapes in sizes from 1.5” to 4” to make flower arranging much easier.

Coffee Tea Planters and Vases – Post 4 of 4

Post 1. Prep for planting project

Post 2. Use the Rule of Three

Post 3. Recycled tea tins, pots, and cups