Cup sleeve and single tea brewing travel tumbler accessories for RV

The cup sleeve on the tumbler will hold in the heat longer, while brewing tea.

Using the Trudeau Tea-Riffic travel tumbler and insulated Kup Kollar is a great way for tea drinkers traveling the world in an RV to enjoy their brew.  Slip a washable Kup Kollar onto your double walled San plastic tumbler while waiting for the water to boil. Fill the tea infusion basket with loose tea or tea bags. The basket fits on the inside rim of the tumbler for brewing.

After brewing your tea, remove the infusion basket and put it in a small plastic bowl to cool.

After the infusion basket cools, empty the tea leaves or remove bags, then rinse the basket under the RV sink faucet.

Screw on the lid with slider for drinking, take the 16 ounce tumbler to the front of your RV, place in cup holder, and enjoy freshly brewed tea and the scenery!