Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN - Exploring the outdoors

Thinsulate insulated Go Green Kup Kollar on 24 ounce water bottle.

Thinsulate insulated Go Green Kup Kollar on 24 ounce water bottle.

The coolness of my water bottle and resting at the Friendship Fountain was a refreshing break from exploring the grounds of Dollywood. I read the names of Dolly’s family and celebrity friends who have performed at or visited the theme park.

Written on the fountain sign Dolly said, “In my career, the moments that shine the brightest are those I’ve shared with my friends and family, and I’m truly honored to make them a lasting part of my Friendship Fountain here at Dollywood.”


The landscaping of Dollywood is as beautiful as the surrounding Smokey Mountains. I shot this peaceful photo while standing on a small bridge.


I think if I were a bird, I would live in this unique bird house!


This is a working barn for making a variety of hand crafted wagons. The sign on this beauty said Painted Parade Spring Wagon. If I had had $7654.00 and a horse, I could have driven it out of the park! “Yee Haw!”


The Grist Mill was built in 1982.It’s the first fully functioning mill built in Tennessee in more than a hundred years. It’s a replica of mills used to grind bushels of corn and wheat for people living in the Smokey Mountains over a century ago. The Dollywood mill is famous for its fresh-baked cinnamon bread!


Near closing time, it began to rain. My spirits weren’t dampened anymore than these ducks because I had a fantastic time exploring Dollywood!


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