Dairy King in Empire, CO

It’s always an interesting drive home from Fraser Valley over the mountain on US40. This time we saw clouds lightly floating below the Rocky Mountain tops.

For dinner, we ate at the Dairy King in Empire, Colorado. This little town covers 192 acres with a population of 280. It’s a favorite stopping place before driving over the mountain or heading home.

The Dairy King is small but has a friendly staff who serve up tasty food and ice-cream. We ate inside rather than the patio because the temperatures were still high.

Perry enjoyed his juicy burger cooked to order - medium rare with all the fixings!

We really do carry cup sleeves with us every where we travel!

Every time we stop at the Dairy King in Empire, I look at the hand-made pottery on the long shelf. I was looking for a ceramic piece to put bananas in. I was thrilled to see this beautiful jar thrown by a ninety year old man!