The Naked Truth about 100% Kona Coffee 2009 Calendar – Miss April

Thirty years ago, Miss April bought her farm located 1200 feet high on the side of a Hawaiian mountain side. Organically grown, no chemical fertilizers are used. According to the web site, “we use chicken shit to help our coffee trees” grow and blossom. Banana, avocado and bamboo trees are used for shade.


Your 2009 April calendar coffee farming lesson: 

Fertilizing – “All coffee orchards need to be fertilized regularly. The well-drained Kona soil, so ideal for coffee trees, is volcanic but lacking in nutrients, especially minerals because it is so young. Commercial fertilizers have been specifically designed for coffee’s needs. Organic versions are available for certified organic farms, and many farmers make mulch from farm vegetation. All forms are distributed around the trees at the drip line, mostly by hand.”

Irene LuckettComment