The Cup & Crumpet at Fibersmyth in Woodstock, VA

One afternoon Perry and I walked to The Cup & Crumpet in Woodstock, VA for lunch and tea. We ordered a Pot for Two of their house blend loose tea. It was delicious and well brewed with no bitter taste. The tea was served with the proper equipment – tea strainer with holder, cream pitcher, and sugar bowl. The Asian Floral Kup Kap was my tea equipment!

Woodstock VA The Cup & Crumpet

We ordered a hot bowl of tasty tomato bisque soup with chunks of tomatoes and onions floating in it. I felt adventurous and ate the sardine quiche. It was a nice blend of flavors and very moist with a flaky crust. Soups and quiche are made from scratch on site with the owners’ grown vegetables or bought organic vegetables.

Woodstock VA The Cup & Crumpet

Our tea was still hot when we ate our desserts because it was served in a teapot covered by a tea cozy. This was a real treat because tea cozies are rarely used in tea shops or restaurants. The desserts change daily and are baked on site. I enjoyed a piece of Hummingbird Cake, a popular southern cake which may have originated from Jamaica. It’s a frosted banana cake filled with pineapple chunks and layered with cream cheese filling. Perry loved the traditional Bread pudding with rum sauce, one of his favorite desserts!

Woodstock VA Fibersmyth

I experienced a second dessert when I walked into the next set of rooms and found a yarn shop called Fibersmyth. There is always room in the suitcase to take home new yarns!