1968 FSU alumni meet at Woodstock Café & Shoppes

Thinsulate insulated FSU Kup Kollars on 16 ounce glasses.

Thinsulate insulated FSU Kup Kollars on 16 ounce glasses.

Where do four Florida State University alumni, Class of 1968, go to remember college adventures? The other Woodstock, a quaint town in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley! Founded in 1761, Woodstock has a courthouse designed by Thomas Jefferson that is still in use.


We ate lunch at Woodstock Café & Shoppes on Main Street. The food and service were excellent. Their pumpkin soup was hot and delicious. We’ll return the next time we visit Woodstock!


After lunch, we browsed the café’s antiques and sculptures. They have a section of books that are free; however, they accept donations to support a shelter for women and children in need.


The Woodstock Café has a large selection of wines. This wine is from R Wines in South Australia. From a review: “The packaging is striking and edgy, and with names such as Bitch, Evil and Pure Evil, they look and sound every bit as striking as they taste.” Australian wines are a great addition!