Books cup wrap handy for the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference 2012

Shortly before leaving for the Mayborn Conference, I filled a special order for a Kup Kap using a fabric with books printed on it. I surprised Perry with a cup sleeve sewn from the fabric.

During the writer's workshop Perry attended on Friday, he kept his take-out coffee from the hotel coffee shop hotter, longer using his books cup wrap. During a break, he returned to our hotel room, sat in the comfy recliner, and sipped his coffee while reading the Mayborn Conference 2012 magazine. The Kup Kollar was useful for his water bottle during the afternoon session.

I brewed tea in the hotel room. I packed an empty 12 ounce plastic juice bottle and tea bags in my suitcase. After going though security at the airport, I bought a large water bottle for the plane ride.

Later, in the hotel room, I put a tea bag in the small bottle with water to make sun tea. When it’s the strength I enjoy, I pour the tea into the large empty water bottle bought at the airport. I always have tea brewing and tea ready to drink throughout my stay!