Capital Tea on South Broadway

Capital Tea in Denver, CO is a very pleasant tea shop to hang out with friends. Kevin, Perry, and I sat on couches in the corner. A small table held a large tray with tea in sixteen ounce teapots, honey, cream, and baked goodies. I drank an excellent Peach Vanilla with peach pieces. It wasn’t bitter and had a vanilla after-taste. Perry and Kevin enjoyed Earl Grey Windermere with a strong bouquet.

Perry ate a tasty black currant lemon scone with rich lemon curd. Kevin and I loved our melt-in-your-mouth apricot bars covered with a lot of crunchy almonds.

Lisa Biro, the owner of Capital Tea, gave us excellent, friendly service. We talked after I finished eating. Most entrepreneurs are supportive, share experiences, and learn from each other.

I think this tea lover was a shoe model. I loved her artistic tennis shoes!