Protecting your hands from cold ice-cream pints

 ice cream wrap  sherbert  sorbet frozen yogurt                                                                                                                         A customer asked if the Kup Kollar Grande would fit on a pint of ice cream. She wanted something to protect her hands from the cold carton. Because I’ve eaten out of pints of ice cream many times, I was intrigued!   The Kup Kollar Grande didn’t fit so I designed a pattern to create the Kream Kollar. Next, we needed a name for a cow graphic for the web site. At a board meeting (family dinner), Pam suggested Krissy Kow. I drew my ideas for a graphic, gave the sketches to John at Art and Technology, and he produced this adorable cow!

The Kream Kollar is designed with Thinsulate insulation by 3M which slows down the melting of your ice-cream while protecting your hands from a wet, cold pint container!