Gift ideas – Cup wraps, recycled take-out cups, tumblers

Drink containers make unique gift boxes for any occasion. Here are a few suggestions or create your own gift. Share your photos on the Koffee Kompanions Facebook page!

Thinsulate Insulated holiday Kup Kollars from Koffee Kompanions 

Thinsulate Insulated holiday Kup Kollars from Koffee Kompanions 

Recycle cold take-out cups when you order an iced drink in a coffee or tea shop. When it’s empty, thoroughly wash, rinse, and dry it. Add donut holes from your favorite bakery, then slip on a Kup Kollar. Put a bow on top for a finishing touch.

This is an inexpensive gift to surprise co-workers, your favorite manicurist, or anyone you appreciate. Everyone drinks something hot or cold!


Knitters and crocheters love to sip a beverage while creating with their needles and hooks. This is a Thinsulate insulated Yarn and Needles Large Kup Kollar on a tall tumbler. Fill the tumbler with tea bags that come in colorful foil packages. Twinings Tea bags work very well.



Rinse and wipe dry a recycled hot take-out cup, then put a gift card inside it from a favorite coffee or tea shop. Add truffles, wrap in clear plastic, and tie with ribbon.

For the recycled cold take-out cup, follow directions for the donut holes above using truffles and the Chocolates Kup Kollar.


Protecting the environment is of one of many programs the Girl Scouts of America participate in. A scout leader or teen would appreciate a recyclable cup wrap to put on their tumbler. 

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