Gift ideas – Harney & Sons tagalong tins with sachets

Harney & Sons tagalong tins with five sachets travel easily with you on your adventures. They come in several colors with a variety of teas. You’ll want some for gifts because you love them so much. I have some suggestions for you to put together a fun surprise for all your tea loving friends!

Thinsulate insulated Garden Floral Kup Kap. 

Thinsulate insulated Garden Floral Kup Kap. 

From the Harney & Sons web site:

"Tower of London Blend is reminiscent of Elizabethan preserves, flavorful and tempting. We stir Chinese black teas with pieces of dried stone fruit, then finish the blend with oil of bergamot and honey flavor. Featured in our Historic Royal Palaces Collection, it has become one of our most popular teas, especially with its brilliant amethyst-inspired tin.”

I chose a Kup Kap to pair with the tagalong. I named it Garden Floral because the fabric print reminded me of the gardens I saw in London a few years ago. The fabric colors also coordinate beautifully with the tagalong.

Sipping Tower of London tea in a cup topped with a Kap with a flower print takes me back to the wonderful days I enjoyed in England!


Thinsulate insulated Asian Floral Kup Kap. 

Thinsulate insulated Asian Floral Kup Kap. 

This colorful tagalong tin is filled with five sachets of Peach Ginger Twist tea. The black tea is blended with dried peaches and ginger. 

The ginger and peaches made me think of the far East teas. I paired this tagalong with a Kup Kap named Asian Floral which has golden yellow colors with reds and blues.

Sipping this tea reminds me of Colleen, reporter from Japan and her travelen’ Kup Kap!

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