Colorado parks - Lair o' the Bear Park hike Dunafon Castle

Lair 'o the Bear July 08 6286 yogurt on sign _96.jpg

Two days before hiking in Lair o' the Bear Park, I put a 6 ounce carton of Horizon Organic Yogurt in my freezer. On the day of our hike, I removed it and slipped it into a Kup Kollar (cup sleeve). The cup sleeve keeps small yogurt containers frozen for 4-8 hours. The yogurt was a healthy, delicious trail snack!

Lair 'o the Bear July 08 6296 castle tree house _96.jpg

Dunafon Castle is located on a trail in Lair o' the Bear Park. Marcus Wright broke ground for his unique home in 1927. Michael Dunafon and Debbie Matthews are the current owners. The castle’s history is joyful and tragic.

Dunafon Castle is 1300 square feet located on 17 acres. It has 14 rooms, a wine cave, courtyard, and a dungeon. There are trout lakes and a water wheel on the property. The tree house is a miniature castle with knights’ crests painted on the side!

Lair 'o the Bear July 08 6302 castle side yd _96.jpg

This is the side yard along Bear Creek. The setting sun shining through the trees made Dunafon Castle look mystical. We felt as if we had stepped into a fairy tale and a brave knight would come riding toward us at any moment!