Six Coffee-themed Games and a Dating App You Can Cozy up to!

By Colleen Luckett

Did you know there are several coffee-themed apps for your smartphone? I had no idea. Well, if playing app games is the only addiction to rival caffeine in your life, read on. This post blends the best of both worlds (see what I did there?)! With many games out there, we must narrow this topic down a little, so let’s start with a few popular Android apps.

Caffeine Rush

I figure this is one of every parent’s worst nightmares: a caffeine-infused boy running around fighting monsters. Well, it’s getting 4.9 stars out of 5 in the Google Play store. I tried this one. I’m not much of a video game player, but it was moderately fun . . . and infinitely frustrating. I think it would give you game aficionados enough of a challenge. But it’s a bit repetitive: Jump over monsters, slide under monsters. A good way to avoid working for a few moments, anyway.  


Coffee Balance

Reminiscent of Mario jumping through giant green pipes, Coffee Balance, a 4.6-star interactive game with silly, retro-style graphics, gives you a run for your money. “Tilt your device to stay in balance and tap the screen to jump over obstacles.” Easy instructions, but it’s a bit of a challenge with increasing difficulty as you move up the levels. Happy “tilting at windmills,” so to speak!


Coffee Addict: Match 3

The makers of this game do a great job of describing it, so I'll just paraphrase here. Swap, match, and brew your way through more than 70 levels of frantic excitement in this addictive coffee-themed Match 3 game. Match tiles picturing coffee beans, equipment, and breakfast items to supply the  twitching Coffee Addict his next delicious coffee fix before his drip runs dry and he freaks out! Get bonus points for finishing faster and see what happens when the Coffee Addict finally gets his fill! Rated 4.1 on Google Play, this one is fun and has enough options to keep you going.


Don’t worry, iPhone users – we didn’t forget about you!  Check out these top coffee-related games:

My Coffee Shop

For those of you a little more business-minded, why not try starting a virtual coffee shop? “Run your own coffee shop and serve all the clients in time!” The object is straightforward: make your cafe the best in the world, but be quick or you might make your customers angry (I don’t know – this may be too much reality for me!).  The reviews remark that it’s very fast-paced and challenging but also cute and fun. Its current rating is 4.4 in the iTunes store. This one is also available for Android.

my coffee shop game.jpg

Coffee Shop Maker

Pretty straightforward: you make coffee drinks – as well as tea, hot chocolate, etc. “Open your very own Coffee Shop!!! Boil the water, grind the beans, brew, and choose from dozens of flavored syrups!!! Select from dozens of cool cups, stirs and straws!!!“ From the number of exclamation points, you can tell they're very excited about this game!!! Maybe you will be, too, though admittedly it’s scoring a little lower than the others at 3.5. People say it has poor graphics but is fun and addictive.

coffee maker app.jpg

Donut Dazzle

Ok, this isn't strictly a coffee game, but don't we usually want a goodie when we're drinking the dark elixir? If you do, try Donut Dazzle for variety. It's a fun, fast-paced match-4 puzzle game rated 4.6 on the iTunes store. You just tap to rotate donuts and match at least four of a kind to clear them. You can make combos to climb levels faster. Every 10 levels they throw in a speed bump! So as you play your way through this delicious game, make sure the board doesn't fill up or risk your imminent death. Remember, strategy is key!


The only thing better than playing these games is playing them WITH a hot cup of joe. I’m sure it will improve your focus and app-game prowess! Don’t forget to use your favorite Kup Kollar™ reusable coffee sleeve from, so while your game obsession burns hot, your coffee doesn’t cool off.

Koffee Kompanions'  Kup Kollar ™  coffee sleeve  in more than 30 patterns keeps your coffee hot while playing the latest coffee-themed app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Koffee Kompanions' Kup Kollar coffee sleeve in more than 30 patterns keeps your coffee hot while playing the latest coffee-themed app on your iPhone or Android phone.


Overall, I was more impressed with the variety of games for Android phones, but I think there’s something for every coffee lover on both platforms.  I even found a coffee-themed dating app called Coffee Meets Bagel for iPhone and Android, where you can “meet your everything bagel.” Awwww. It’s getting a 9.3 out of 10 at, and it’s building a reputation for quality not quantity – and being a dating app women actually enjoy using. Go get it, single ladies!

coffee meets bagel app.jpg

Have any favorite games we missed? Please comment on them below!

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