Estes Park Wool Market 2008 - Nuno felting workshop

We enjoyed our stay at the Best Western Silver Saddle hotel in Estes Park. It sits on a high point so we had a beautiful view of the town below.

Estes Park 08 June 5859 nuno morning

On the first day of the Estes Park Wool Market, I attended an all day Nuno felting workshop. This is a Japanese fabric felting technique. It’s become very popular among fiber artists and knitters. You can find classes, books, and videos online and in yarn stores that teach Nuno felting. You can wear your projects or hang them on a wall! 

Before lunch we practiced on a small piece of silk. I laid pieces of colorful wool fiber onto the silk. After placing the silk and wool fiber between two pieces of bubble wrap, I began agitating with soap and hot water so that the wool fiber would “stick” to the piece of silk to make one piece of fabric. 

I brought my water bottle with a Kup Kollar (bottle wrap) on it. I drank cool water all day so that my creative gray cells would be at their best! 

Estes Park 08 June 5868 nuno afternoon

In the afternoon, I chose colors of wool fiber to make my scarf. I had a lot more agitating to do on this 8 foot piece of fabric! While I created, Sean and Perry played golf at Lake Estes 9 Hole Executive Golf Course. Pam walked the course with them drawing on her sketch pad.