Delicious Holiday Desserts with Coffee and Tea – the Healthy Way!

By Colleen Luckett, Guest Blogger

I don’t know about you, but I lose my mind when it comes to holiday treats, especially after noticing October 14 was National Dessert Day! Every year, I tell myself, “I’ll be different this year. This time, I’ll steer clear of ALL THE FOOD.” Never happens. So I’ve resigned myself to stepping up the exercise and maintain . . . ok, or at least not gain more than 5 lbs.

Though some people swear by cookies or cake and milk, I love eating my treats with a robust cup of coffee or comforting tea. So I did some Googling about healthier treats that go well with these caffeinated concoctions—at least when I indulge I won’t be too remorseful. (Tears ruin treats!) Here’s a handful:

Spooky Halloween eats – the healthy way

Cinnamon cider candied apples (Cooking Light) – It’s fruit, come on! And Halloween is just not Halloween without candied apples. I think these would pair deliciously with some hot cinnamon tea. The Red Hot candies give it a bloody looking Halloween kick. Spicy!

Image from

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Candy corn ice cream (Delish) – OK, with heavy whipping cream as one of the ingredients, this ice-cream spin on classic candy corn isn’t exactly low-calorie. We had to sneak a couple in here, right? Especially when the treat is as clever as these! I imagine this going down well with coffee or tea – choose your poison! Mua ha ha!

Image from

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Give thanks for healthy Thanksgiving treats

Spiced pumpkin-raisin cookies (Food Network) – This is the season of pumpkin spice everything. Add to the frenzy, and make sure these tasty cookies join the pumpkin pie and coffee on your dessert table at Thanksgiving. Again, fruit is involved . . . so it’s healthy!(?)

Image from

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Pumpkin smoothies and milkshakes (Wonky Wonderful) – Who says a smoothie can’t be like dessert? Try this delicious combination of pumpkin puree with almond or coconut milk, and you’ll have a healthy alternative to the heavy desserts on the Thanksgiving table. And be sure to keep it cold with one of our Kup Kollars!

Healthy Christmas treats

Funfetti coffee cake (Amy’s Healthy Baking) – Christmas and fruitcake go hand in hand. But it’s so heavy you could sink a battleship with it! So, try this fun, lighter alternative and throw away the guilt as you wash it down with your favorite cappuccino.

Image from , your source for the best Thinsulate-insulated cup caps, cup wraps, coffee cozies, and tea cozies to keep that coffee or tea hot. 

Image from, your source for the best Thinsulate-insulated cup caps, cup wraps, coffee cozies, and tea cozies to keep that coffee or tea hot. 


Vanilla candy cane peppermint bars (Eating Well)– Give the gift of healthy treats to friends and family with these yummy candy canes posing as brownies. Serve up a nice pot of herbal tea or tisane to go with them, and voila! The perfect dessert for your Christmas party.

Of course this is just a smattering of delicious, healthy seasonal treats to choose from. Many more are just a Google search away. But whatever you decide on, don’t forget to bring out your most festive Koffee Kompanions cup caps, cup wraps, and French press cozies to give your parties that unique look they deserve. Happy eating—er, holidays!

Have some ideas of your own for holiday desserts that go especially well with coffee or tea? Tell us about them in the Comments section below.

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