Colonel James H. Kasler attends book signings

On March 23, 2005, the authors joined Colonel Kasler for the first book signing of "Tempered Steel" at Barnes & Noble in Bourbonnais, IL near the Kaslers' hometown. It was very successful, selling 142 books!

Kasler Mar 05 BkSigning 1567 Jim signing

Colonel Kasler was very relieved when he signed the last book. He, Perry, and Chuck had signed 500 books for the book signing and future sales!

Kasler Mar 05 BkSigning 1570 Perry signing

Perry bought a special pen for signing the books. He wanted a larger pen so his hand wouldn't tire as easily and an ink cartridge that flowed smoothly!

Kasler Jan 06 BkSigning LibCongr 2342 Jim Perry signing

In January 2006, the Library of Congress invited Colonel Kasler and the authors to a book signing event. Colonel Kasler spoke, audience members asked questions, and more books were signed.

What was my job on these two fantastic trips? At Martha's request, I looked after Colonel Kasler and took lots of photos!