Mother’s Day May 8, 2016 gifts - Thinsulate insulated cup wraps

Thinsulate insulated Bicycles Kup Kollar on 16 ounce tumbler.

Thinsulate insulated Bicycles Kup Kollar on 16 ounce tumbler.

Moms are on the go a lot. Often they eat or drink on the run so they need portable items with a wide range of uses. Kup Kollars not only keep their beverages drinkable but also fold flat and store easily in pockets, purses, vehicles, storage drawers, etc.

Find your Mom’s interests, causes, or talents from over 70 choices of fabric prints for small and large Kup Kollars to give her on Mother’s Day, May 8th!


If your Mom enjoys style like Miche purses, she might prefer a coordinating colorful Kup Kollar to keep in it. Pretty Pinks will keep her stylin’ wherever she goes. Of course, she may want more than one to match other purses!


Does your Mom ride or own a motorcycle? She’ll love this Kup Kollar in her jeans hip pocket when she hits the road!


Some Moms volunteer for worthy causes. Check out all the ribbons available for her!


Moms have many skills and interests. A knitting Mom would love to have this gift on Mother’s Day!


Some Moms are athletic and love to play sports. Check out all the sports Kup Kollars she would like to have on Mother’s Day!


Does your Mom like to collect things like stuffed Teddy bears? Take a peek at over 70 different Kup Kollars to find one or two or three that will make her happy on Mother’s Day! 


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