Coffee cozies - Ceramic coffee carafe

Some coffee drinkers pour their hot coffee into a ceramic coffee carafe after brewing. The ceramic glass radiates heat outwardly. When you put a Thinsulate insulated Koffee Kozee over your pot, the heat is trapped inside so you can enjoy your Sumatra coffee longer.

Elizabeth in Virginia emailed to ask if the Koffee Kozee would fit her ceramic coffee carafe. I asked for some measurements then determined it would.

After her coffee cozy arrived, she emailed:

“I used the Kozee on my coffee pot for the first time this morning.  Works great and looks pretty, too.  Thank you!”

I asked Elizabeth to email a photo. She sent photos of the back and front of her Koffee Kozee because the two sides are designed with two coordinating fabric prints.

My customer and friend, Elizabeth in Pennsylvania once said to me, “When you buy a Koffee Kozee you get two cozies for the price of one!”


I have very smart customers!

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